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Ajay Jain
This article is the continuation of the Analytics Driven Test Coverage - Part I. This article foc... more>>
This article is the continuation of the Predicting Software Release Quality-Part A. Here the auth... more>>
Ajay Kumar Chhokra
With the increasing penetration of technology in almost every realm of business, solutions are wide ranging in the spectrum, all the way from commercial on one end to open source and free ware on the other end. In between you have company specific... more>>
This article is the continuation of the Objectives of Performance Testing. This article focuses on the Best Practices and Measuring Numbers in Performance Testing.Best Practices for Performance TestingI. Clear the application and database logs aft... more>>
Virtualization and cloud has brought about many shifts. No longer does one look for hardware. No data centers. No software to buy. No setting up of configurations, patches, service packs, et al. In this environment, even software engineering is al... more>>
Praveen Nair
What kind of the testing need to do before release of the one quality software into the market:Be... more>>
1. Have a repository of web browser add-on(s) installed before you get into the battle ground wit... more>>
Santhosh Tuppad
Would you entrust yourself to a car that has obviously not been serviced in a long time and where essential security measures such as doors or seat-belts are missing? Probably not! With IT security however, we often do!A look into recent news show... more>>
With globalization, the world is becoming smaller day by day and competition has intensified in ways not traditionally imagined by businesses. While there is market pressure for the businesses to implement the transformation programs within the sh... more>>
This is to let you know, How to find the server response time for user actions.One of the minor requirement of the software application is response time. The application before going to the production we need to test it end to end process with res... more>>
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White Papers
This report is the result of the largest public-priv... more>>
For those not familiar with the Coverity Scan&tr... more>>