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Ameya Naik
Smart-phones are becoming more prevalent by the day and that day is not far when they will be our... more>>
IntroductionEvery one wants to know or have control over the Future. The same holds true for the ... more>>
Ajay Kumar Chhokra
Over the last two articles I have been touching upon various testing aspects in Agile projects - such as Test estimation in Agile, Test metrics in Agile. In this post, I want to touch upon a very interesting topic on the importance of Exploratory ... more>>
PrologueIn his landmark book - "The World is Flat", Thomas L Friedman has beautifully summarized the advent of World Globalization into 3 different eras -Globalization 1.0:Globalization 1.0 was primarily the globalization of countries that began w... more>>
Covering an interesting transformation of automation industry - How it was few years ago and where is it heading now. I have also answered one core question whether we need dedicated automation experts to do the test automation or the normal teste... more>>
Abhinav Vaid
Performance Testing was always a part of Software Testing whether explicitly stated or not. The w... more>>
Software QA is poorly understood and underappreciated craft. Most products and project teams are ... more>>
Mahesh Saptarshi
I realized that most of us are so engulfed in our daily work routine that we do not get time to enhance our knowledge. The world of testing has moved ahead & everyone needs to catch up. Hence I am sharing with series of facts. The idea is to s... more>>
Banking applications are considered to be one of the most complex applications in today’s software development and testing industry. What makes Banking application so complex? What approach should be followed in order to test the complex wor... more>>
This is the most complicated part of Performance Testing. Most of the performance tests depend on a set of predefined, documented, and agreed-upon performance objectives. Knowing the objectives from the beginning helps make the testing process mor... more>>
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White Papers
This report is the result of the largest public-priv... more>>
For those not familiar with the Coverity Scan&tr... more>>