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Ajikumar TN
In the year 1998 time frame when I changed my career into software testing, the no. of testing pr... more>>
Last year, 2011, Alberto Savoia, presented the opening keynote at GTAC (Google Test Automation Co... more>>
Rama Bedarkar
In days where we are talking and thinking more and more on how to achieve "Continuous Delivery" in our software projects, Test Automation plays an even more crucial role. To reap the benefits of test automation, you want to run it as often as poss... more>>
One of the challenges of automation is to be able to write scripts which work in the long run. Scripts should be maintainable and easy to understand for newer team members.In this article, we will explore writing good maintainable Sahi scripts. Wh... more>>
Increased test execution does not necessarily translate to increased test coverage. With fewer project milestones, tighter go-to-market timelines, limited test resources budget, it is very important to direct testing effort only onto the right foc... more>>
Mukesh Sharma
In my last column in Silicon India, I had talked about how test estimation for Agile projects dif... more>>
For a tester it is important to be having a different frame of mind in terms of looking at the pr... more>>
Jaideep Khanduja
The testing profession has come a long way in the last decade in gaining parity with its development counterparts be it in terms of opportunities, professional respect, financial compensation etc. However, in my opinion there is still a long road ... more>>
When internet and few websites were born; there were very few hackers. As the time passed, there are more and more skilled hackers who want to exploit the security vulnerabilities on the web as well as stand-alone desktop applications which have g... more>>
Dev Box testing derived its name from the practice where the initial round of testing is done on a developer's (Dev) machine (Box) before the developer checks in the code to the source repository and mark the task (story or defect) as development ... more>>
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White Papers
This report is the result of the largest public-priv... more>>
For those not familiar with the Coverity Scan&tr... more>>