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Ramesh Loganathan
When testing a product or a solution, what should the core basis for testing be? Is it the Functi... more>>
We have all heard and seen over the last few years how products are moving into an Agile mode of ... more>>
Mukesh Sharma
When I was interviewing a fresher for campus recruitment, I asked a question:"Which area of SDLC would you like to work for?"His immediate reply was - "Development and coding"My next logical question was - "Why coding and why not testing?"Reply wa... more>>
Selenium is one of the very powerful open source automation tool for doing web site automation. In this series I will talk mainly about:• Selenium Overview• Installation of Selenium IDE• Selenium IDE Features - File MenuSeleniumSele... more>>
I have been working in distributed teams for close to 5 years now, here are few things about distributed teams:Distributed TeamA distributed team (also known as a geographically dispersed team) is a group of individuals who work across time, space... more>>
Jaideep Khanduja
A project is like a large container of apples having rotten ones among them but hidden well in be... more>>
I just realized that it has been little over 5 years since I wrote about five software testing my... more>>
Debasis Pradhan
In this write up we would talk about the need for effective test data, re-using test data over time ensuring they have not been corrupted and how test data should take into account: positive, negative, blank and boundary values to ensure they adeq... more>>
We are under pressure with short deadlines and releases in already now. This leads to problems for test execution, an activity being done just before release. A natural focus is, therefore, to replace some of the need for testing, and some of the... more>>
One of the major barriers to test automation is the volatility of the application to be tested. Even benign changes such as moving a button to a different part of the screen or changing a label from Next to Continue can cause test scripts to fail.... more>>
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White Papers
This report is the result of the largest public-priv... more>>
For those not familiar with the Coverity Scan&tr... more>>