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Mukesh Sharma
Cloud has been one of the buzz words in the IT industry over the last few years now: and it is, f... more>>
It might sound obvious, but one of the most important tasks of the software quality assurance lif... more>>
Venkata Ramana L
Software testing has evolved considerably over the last decade from single dimensional test approaches to multi-dimensional ones. Testing now encompasses broader aspects such as test management through push button test environment creation on the ... more>>
Software testing is omnipresent & the importance of software testing is undoubted. Testing process is one of the oldest forms of verification & validation carried out by software developer, engineer, practitioner or end user. Landscape of ... more>>
It continues to be an ongoing discussion on whether software quality assurance and testing is a horizontal spanning across disciplines or if it is a vertical requiring domain specialization. Clearly, Software testing in itself is a horizontal with... more>>
Vipul Gupta
Organizations globally are adopting the Agile development methodology for enhanced collaboration ... more>>
Consider this scenario - A tester works fabulously to find an important bug in an application and... more>>
Anuj Magazine
Most of the software professional doesn't like the term called "Ad-hoc Testing" because it implies a lack of testing process or purpose, but this really plays a very important role in Software Testing Life Cycle. "Ad-hoc testing" is a process whic... more>>
Testing is one of the oldest forms of verification. Several testing techniques have been advanced and used by software developers/ testers to increase their confidence that the software has various qualities. When we are planning to implement auto... more>>
As globalization expands its reach and technologies advance at a dizzying rate, new and exciting opportunities exist for businesses to grow and expand. At the same time, business customers have heightened expectations for innovative and high quali... more>>
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White Papers
This report is the result of the largest public-priv... more>>
For those not familiar with the Coverity Scan&tr... more>>