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Selenium Automation Tool

Sachin Kumar
Sachin Kumar
Project Manager - Testing, Corbus
Sachin is PMP Certified and has a total experience of 11 Years in the field of Software Testing. ... more>>
Selenium is one of the very powerful open source automation tool for doing web site automation. In this series I will talk mainly about:

• Selenium Overview
• Installation of Selenium IDE
• Selenium IDE Features - File Menu


Selenium is a set of tools that help in the rapid development of test script for web-based application. The Test Script written in Selenium runs in many browsers, operating systems and the script, framework can be written in many programming languages such as C#, Java, PHP, Perl, Ruby, Python etc. Some of the tools which will be part of your test scripting are:

• Selenium IDE
• Selenium Remote Control or Selenium RC
• Selenium Grid

I will touch base with RC and Grid in my next series.

Installation of IDE

The Selenium IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is the tool you are going to use to develop your Selenium Test Cases. Its an easy-to-use Firefox plug-in and is generally the most efficient way to develop the test cases. Please see the pre-requisite for the IDE:

Browser - Firefox 2+
OS - WinXP and above
H/w - Standard machine with latest processor and RAM.

Step 1 - Install Firefox, if not available (go to site or google it) - Skip Step 1, if Firefox is already installed on your machine.

Step 2
• Launch Firefox
• Navigate to
• Click the download link corresponding to "Selenium IDE"

Step 3 - Click Allow, if you see an Yellow bar on the top.

Step 4 - Now Firefox will start downloading the Selenium IDE and you will see below screen. Select Install Now.

Step 5 - Firefox add-ons windows pops-up, first displaying the installation progress and when installation completes, ask for Firefox restart to complete the installation. See below:

Step 6 - After you restarted the Firefox, go to Tools -> Look for Selenium IDE option - You are now done with your installation.
Next I will describe more about Selenium IDE features available in Menu, Toolbar etc.

You can launch Selenium IDE through Firefox, Tools menu. As soon as you start Selenium IDE, you will see below screen:

In this series, let start with various sub-items under File Menu:

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