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Santhosh Tuppad
Santhosh Tuppad
Director & Senior Tester, Moolya Software
About author
Santhosh Tuppad is the Cofounder & Senior Tester of Moolya Software Testing. He also recently won the uTest Top Tester of the Year 2010 apart from winning several testing competitions from uTest and Zappers. Santhosh specializes in exploratory testing approach and his core interests are security, usability and accessibility amidst other quality criteria. Santhosh loves writing and he has a blog He has also authored several articles and crash courses in the past. Santhosh is known for his skills in testing and you should get in touch with him if you are passionate about testing.

His expertise lies in Exploratory Testing, Web Application Testing, Security Testing, Usability Testing, Test Automation, Mobile Application Testing, Test Design, Session Based Test Management, Web Accessibility Testing, UX (User eXperience).

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