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How Software Testing Took Birth!

Jaideep Khanduja
Jaideep Khanduja
Head Quality Assurance and Project Management, g4s
Currently working in India Regional Office of a large versatile International group as Head Quali... more>>
Way back in 1960s software were being produced but there were no established standards or software engineering practices. Poor design and Regular hardware up-gradation left many types of software useless and thus a strong need arose in the industry to provide effective and reliable software developers who could pace up with regular hardware advancement to produce faster and highly reliable software.

All this, plus the increasing dependency on software increased not only demand of good developers, but also a requirement of software testing took birth, may be, not initially in a very strong and structured manner but it did.

Software engineering practices that were taking place at that time were not formulated, or structured in an efficient manner. Some of the bad practices were no measurements or metrics were in shape to measure up:

1. Development life cycle or product life cycle
2. Lack of planning, monitoring
3. No control on development schedules
4. No control on customer requirements changes
5. No documentation
6. No reviews of documents

Failures at customer end during or post implementation due to product incapabilities, schedule delays, revenue losses.
Therefore a need to test the software came into existence to:

1. Enhance all these processes
2. Increase the reliability of product
3. Deliver a quality product
4. Deliver in time
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