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Girish Basidoni
Girish Basidoni
President and Chief Executive Officer, TestingCzars Software Solutions
About author
Girish is currently employed at TestingCzars Software Solutions Private Limited in the position of President and Chief Executive Officer. His experience includes profit and loss responsibility, risk management, and business operations. He is responsible for positioning TestingCzars, which he co-founded along with four other industry professionals, as an industry leader and developing corporate strategies.

Girish brings 19 years of Testing & Software Engineering experience, prior to co-founding TestingCzars he was Head of Testree, SBU of Nous Infosystems and General Manager - Technology in RelQ Software. He was responsible for all key customer engagements, technology building blocks, team building and execution.

He possesses a strong management experience in software testing and test automation consulting business across globe. He has previously worked with world-class software companies and financial institutions like Infosys, HP, Siemens, Hughes Software, ITC, SAS, BUPA, Verifone, Hitachi, CAD Centre, Philips, Texas Instruments, Citibank, Cognotec, and many others. Girish has Masters in Reliability Engineering from IIT Mumbai.
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