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Anuradha Biswas
Anuradha Biswas
Founder and CEO, Prakat Solutions
About author
The Founder and CEO of Prakat Solutions, has been an evangelist for independent testing through her 18+ year journey where customers were outsourcing the entire life cycle and not paying specific attention to testing. She has extensive experience in organization building, service portfolio creation, business planning, enabling the sales force, skills development etc.

Anu has been part of the core team setting up independent software testing businesses at Computer Associates TCG, Aztecsoft (now Mindtree) and Infosys. Prior to setting up Prakat she was Associate Vice President of the Independent Validation Solutions group at Infosys which she co-founded and grew to 8000 people over 8 years and USD 300+ Million in revenues.

Having worked in a cross section of companies she has been exposed to "doing it all myself" in the startup world to the "ask and we will provide it" culture of a large company. This gave her the ability to appreciate and work with the various aspects of creating a balanced organization.
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