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Ajay Jain
Ajay Jain
Engineering Manager, Quality, Creative Suites
About author
Ajay is the Engineering Manager, Quality at Adobe Systems, Inc. primarily leading and test program managing Installers, Licensing, Clouds Subscription, Anti-Piracy validation projects for multi-million dollars Creative Suites family product line. Prior to Adobe, Ajay worked with Lucent Technologies (Bell Labs Development Center) and Skyworks, Inc.

Ajay has an active interest in sharing knowledge and experience with software community, wrote technical papers for conferences like PNSQC (USA), STC, ACM etc and spoke at STC 09,10, Quality Summits, NCRTMM. Won Best paper award at Adobes Quality Summit, nominated for best of the best award at STC. He also has a Patent Invention-Meritorious Disclosure Award to his credit. He is an alumnus of Delhi Institute of Technology (Delhi) and IMT (Ghaziabad).
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