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Rutesh Shah

Rutesh Shah
and CEO,Infostrech
Rutesh Shah is a highly-reputed quality and management consultant in Silicon Valley, CA. He founded InfoStretch Corporation with a vision to provide value-added solutions that leverage technology and innovation to significantly improve software quality.

Shahs extensive experience in software development processes has resulted in his unique insights into the high tech industry and methods for applying technology to deliver superior solutions. His acute ability to successfully identify business, technology and quality trends has made him successful in leading 200 consultants serving more than 50 clients and 120 projects.

Prior to founding InfoStretch, Shah was Vice President of Reliability Services at Arsin Corporation, where he deployed quality solutions for mission critical distributed applications for clients like Bank of America, McKesson, Oracle, Informix, Charles Schwab, Wells Fargo, Varian Medical and E2Open. Shah has been a frequent speaker at conferences nationwide and various user groups where he has spoke about quality and test automation.

Shah holds a BS in Computer Science from Gujarat University, India, and a MS in Computer Science from MS University.
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