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Govind Kulkarni

Govind Kulkarni
The Journey: Early days to How I got here

Started as a customer support executive in Statistical Process Control area and then worked in ISO 9000 implementation for several years. In the year 1996 I switched to software testing space and since then I am in testing field. Working in ISO 9000 implementation, Software Engineering Process Group and Development really helped me appreciate importance of testing and move up in the ladder.

Decisions that mattered

Several decisions are taken like moving from ISO 9000 implementation to SEPG then to Testing, even in Testing I have moved to several areas like Automation, Performance and Data Warehousing. Luckily, all my decisions resulted in positive results. My last decision was to leave a stable job and to start an independent software testing company GoodTest Technologies. Not sure, whether it was right decision or wrong one given the current market conditions. I feel todays times are really challenging. I see lot of youngsters sticking to job and that is a good sign.

Work and Role: Then and now

In the current company where am working, I am working in ITSM area this is something new to me. I consider myself promoted, I mean, till now I used to be in testing and now one step next that is in Support. I am building expertise in ITSM area and like to get educated in ITIL.

Two years down the line

Still lot of work is left to be done, I wish to lead a bigger team, winning new deals, mentoring youngsters in testing is what I plan to do.

What I learnt along the way

Poverty at young age has taught me couple of lessons, first is be happy with what you have than what you do not have, and secondly, Never Give up. It takes time for certain dreams to come true. Look at our Cricket team, we were trying from several years since 1983 world cup to win second title, it took 28 years to win the cup again. We should not be losing hopes, only time can tell. I stay positive even in worst times and that is what takes me a long way.

Changing Days: Lessons Learnt

During initial phases of career, we did not have search engines, no mobiles no telephone, and TV in only rich homes. This unavailability had a profound change in the way we used to do study, we used to go Library , search for reference books , make notes, discuss with peer, superiors etc. Today we live in technologically advanced time; just put a key word and you get lot and lot to read. The reason I am saying all this is because, our profession has changed a lot, and testing has come a long way. When I started testing career, we did not have Tools, everything was manual, now we have every type of tool is available that has made testing life easier.

Trends to Watch Out For

I am watching in several areas like Storage, Mobility and BI/DW. I think, these areas will have much higher edge in terms of revenue generation and generating careers. India has big shortage of skills in these areas. I myself attached to all the areas I talked and am sharpening skills in these emerging areas.

My Advice If You are Starting Out

I think, we need lot of good resources in emerging testing areas. If anybody wants to work in this area I shall be happy to extend any helping hand.

Must Focus Areas For the Future

I think Automation, Performance and Security - these are the areas one need to move on and build expertise. Manual Testing is still needed but one need to hone skills in new areas then only we can say that they are sold to customers.

Do We Need Certifications?

Yes, whatever certification I did till now, I did not do that to pass exam and get certificate. For instance, I did PMP in 2004 and I took good 1 year to prepare for it from all angles. I use the subject and these certifications have helped me to up skill my knowledge.

Books/ Websites I Recommend

There are several books but I suggest reading Boris Beizers book first, there are several websites one can use, I like Vietnamese software testing board very much. I also have a testing website, and I see lot of people using it as well.

Last But Not Least

My message to youngsters who wish to get in to this career is that "Be a good professional", "Be sincere", "Be Honest", and good shall surely return one day

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