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Devesh Maheshwari

Devesh Maheshwari
Senior QA
The Journey: Early Days to How I Got Here

I started my career in IBM as a technical writer in the year 2006 but it didn't interest me much as I was inclined towards Software testing so joined Pitney Bowes Software, Noida in January 2008 where I worked in web mapping applications team and followed best QA practices in GIS & Location Intelligence domain for 2.5 years and then in July 2010 moved to ThoughtWorks Technologies as Senior QA Consultant and worked with various clients in India and Australia to enable them to follow testing practices in agile environment.

Decisions That Mattered

When I started working with IBM as a fresher there was no choice, I didn't want to pursue my career in technical writing and was more inclined towards software testing. So, I decided to move on and join small company where I could learn and contribute so started with Pitney Bowes and that was the inflection point in my career.

Work and Role: Then and Now

Currently working with various clients and helping them enable to follow testing practices in agile environment.

What I Learnt Along the Way
  • Set goals for yourself
  • Never give up
  • Follow your passion, don't do anything which doesn't interest you.
Trends to Watch Out For

Mobile Application Development and Cloud Computing are the main trends I follow. We should know what's happening around us, market is growing with very fast pace and we should keep up to it. From testing perspective testing mobile applications is quite different from usual web based applications; it has its own challenges and learnings.

My Advice If You are Starting Out

I would not suggest anyone to restrict to one domain, everyone should try hands on in various domains. I have personally worked in GIS, Banking, Risk management, Telecom domain and now targeting to Mobile technology.

Must Focus Areas For the Future

Test Automation should be the key focus area.

Books/ Websites I Recommend

  • Agile Testing: A Practical Guide for Testers and Agile Teams by Crispin, Lisa, Gregory, Janet
  • Continuous Delivery by David Farley, Jez Humble
  • Handbook of Usability Testing: How To Plan, Design, and Conduct Effective Tests by Jeffrey Rubin, Dana Chisnell
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