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March 7, 2012
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Do We Really Need Software Testing?
"If we would only develop software with care, we wouldn't need testing at all". This statement has made people to think about testing. So do we really need software testing?
Genetic Algorithm In Software Testing
Genetic Algorithm is the new trend coming in software testing. The major usage of GA is to identify the failures while testing. They have also been used for problem-solving and for modeling.
The Guidelines to Achieve Automation
Tools Expertise
Choosing the appropriate tool to meet the requirements of testing can be a challenging and niggling process. Here are some tips to achieve automation tools expertise.
Software Testing: Trends to look out for
Sometimes testers give high priority to a particular issue where others go up against it to justify themselves saying it is less important. So learn to prioritize the bugs.
Stages of Developer -Tester Relationship
Developers usually think that testers are trouble makers but there are situations where developers can learn to rely on testing over time. Here are 5 stages that defines developer-tester relationship.
10 Steps to Test Your Web Applications
To be successful, most applications require extensive testing prior to release. The 10 steps briefs about how to test web applications and can be modified according to the needs of the program.
Most Preferred Software Testing
Certifications of International Repute
Certifications links with the career growth. Here are some of the most preferred certifications of international repute, which will help to brush up the testing knowledge and methodologies.
Testing Without a Formal Test Plan
Testing always requires a formal plan. But there are circumstances where testers need to skip plans to achieve their targets assigned and the tips below will help testers to work without a formal plan.
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Ad-hoc Testing: An important Process of Software Testing
By Sanjay Kumar, Ex - Vice President, RBS
Most of the software professional doesn't like the term "Ad-hoc Testing" because it implies a lack of testing process or purpose, but this really plays an important role in Software Testing Life Cycle.
Using automation to overcome Agile testing challenges
By Vipul Gupta, Senior Test Architect, Impetus Infotech
Embracing Agile in the Testing practice is not an easy task and fraught with challenges. This article briefs how a tester can overcome these challenges through automation.
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Manoj Jain
Manager - QA & Test Evangelist, CA
Manoj is a test evangelist with over 12 years of vast and in-depth experience in software testing.
Ravi Sinha
Test Manager, GlobalLogic
Ravi brings in more than a decade of experience in testing domain. Currently, he is a Test Manager at GlobalLogic.
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India Software Developer Conference
March 24 & 25, 2012, Bangalore
India Software Developer Conference is an enterprise software development conference designed for developers, team leads, architects and project management is back!.
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