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uTest AppGrader for Testing Titanium-Powered Mobile Apps

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Bangalore:  uTest, the leading provider of in-the-wild software testing, announced a partnership with Appcelerator, the leading next-generation mobile platform company. The partnership provides Appcelerator's 300,000 mobile developers with seamless access to uTest's suite of mobile app testing services including functional, usability, localization and security testing.

uTest enables developers to predict how well their mobile apps will function under real-world conditions, across OS, carriers, devices and locations.

Matt Johnston, uTest CMO said, "Appcelerator helps developers build world-class mobile apps more quickly, and across mobile platforms. And now, Appcelerator has closed the loop by integrating uTest's services into Titanium 2.0, providing developers with an end-to-end source for everything they need to launch high-quality mobile apps.”

Within minutes of uploading a mobile app to AppGrader, developers receive a customized report with their app grade on a scale of 1 to 100, as well as any issues discovered during app download, installation, and basic usage. AppGrader also compares an app to the most popular Android apps in the same app store category. Developers simply upload their APK file, and then AppGrader emails a notification within minutes when the app has been graded on more than a dozen real devices. If the mobile app fails to install, crashes, or hangs on any of the devices, developers can also access the crash logs for diagnostic details.

Brent Maxwell, Appcelerator VP of Strategy and Alliances said "Functionality and usability testing during the application development lifecycle is challenging, complex, time-intensive and expensive, especially in the wild.”

uTest's AppGrader at present is available only at the Android platform and can be downloaded from the Appcelerator Open Mobile Marketplace as a Titanium module.

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