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Know the Right Time to Test Software!

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Testing usually looks at areas such as performance, error handling & stability. This is done by setting up test scenarios under controlled conditions and assessing the results. There are fewer problems might occur while integrating applications or by adding them at later stages when testing is done at the end. One can test the application in parts, at one stage of the process the application will work very well and reliably. One has to choose which approach is appropriate, and when testing has to be done.

Software products that are traditionally tested have a separate testing phase only at the end: The general release of final software will be opened up only when an explicit Quality Assurance (QA) phase follows the development phase, and then the software is released to beta testers.

The modern approach to testing (i.e. agile testing), is done when people think the Traditional approach of testing (which is done at the end of the application) is deficient. In this approach, testing is done continually for all parts of the product at all times where the requirements are reviewed in the form of iterations. At the end of each iteration one will check that whether to add the newly developed feature or add requirements to the product to make changes in the future iterations.

Another approach for agile software project called Extreme Programming (XP)—here developers unit test their code and work in pairs while one driving the keyboard and the other will suggest changes, improvements and potential pitfalls. This is based on the customer requirements the stakeholders have to work together in order to meet those requirements.

The real answer for when software has to be tested is software should to be tested all the time. While developing the software developers can automatically test the basic stuff by them, leaving their QA team or beta testers free to try out the experimental use cases and attempt to break your app in new and ingenious ways. This way, the product will have more value added and everyone will be satisfied that the product does what the marketing text said it would.

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