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What Leads to an Ineffective Test Suite?

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Bangalore: Testers use a test suite which is a collection of test cases to check if an application is free from bugs and other defects. It contains detailed information about the collections of test cases and the configuration of the system. A test suite is also known as “validation suite” and in general terms, it can be defined as a set of machines which have been configured to test websites.  

A good test suite not only aims at providing a platform for usability testing but also to rapidly test and review prototypes on all platforms to increase productivity and allow duplications of the connections that a user may experience.

Test suites are one of the most effective quality gates and it consists of either a paper checklist to guide a tester throughout the test or it can be automated. It may be noted that by automating test suites, the testing process can be more effective. However; test suites are not always effective. Here are some of the reasons that lead to an ineffective test suite mentioned by Reed Hastings on

1.    Lack of Visibility
When it comes to the internal state of a system, software testers have very little visibility into it. According to Hastings, testers today are like cardiologist without the EKG. Testers should be able to perform tests checking part of an application and then perform an extensive application specific test.

2.    Delay between Cause and Effect
In many cases, there are no visible symptoms of the software defect however; if the application is repeatedly tested the symptom will become visible.

Although, quality gates are commonly used at the end of development however; it would be more effective if they are used throughout the development process. Further, it should be remembered that quality gates are the key to quality software.

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1: I think most of them use: ECG instead of EKG.

Thanks for Post.

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