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Useful Tips to Choose the Right Testing Tool

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Bangalore: Organizations in the past were dependent on spreadsheets to track test cases and test requirements. However, this proved to be a cumbersome process and as the organization grew, the cost of maintaining the approach increased. When it comes to test suites, they have created manual test suites using text editor but this eventually proved to be difficult to use and maintained. The solution to these problems would be to start investing in testing suites.
There are a large number of testing tools available in the market today which aims at making testing simpler, productive and successful. However, choosing the right testing tool that meets the organization’s goal can be a difficult task.

Here are few tips in choosing the right testing tool for your organization.

1.    Analyze the need & requirement
The Organization would need to analyze whether the testing tool will satisfy the various needs and requirements and if they will be able to meet the goals of the organization by using the tool. They would also need to evaluate the expected Returns on Investment once the tool has been implemented.
Apart from analyzing their own needs and requirements, the organization is also expected to analyze the needs of the end-user.

2.    Identify the Tools
The next step for the organization is to identify the tools available in the market from various sources such as online search engines, testing forums, testing magazines and co-workers.  Once identified, they would need to assess the reviews for the various tools and shortlist at least three to five tools.

3.    Assess the Shortlisted Tools
Once the best testing tools have been shortlisted, the next step for the organization is to assess the tools base on the requirements and the needs of the organization. The assessment of the testing software should be done onsite using a demo version of the software. This will help the assessment team identify the strengths and weakness of the tool and eventually they will be able to choose the best among the shortlisted tools.

4.    Implementation
Though implementation is not a part of the selection procedure, however sometimes it is the point where failure occurs. Many testing organization are engrossed only on selecting the best testing tool, however they forget to see if they have the necessary man power to use the tool. If the organization lacks man power that has the required skills, they can approach the software vendor to provide trainers and onsite consultants so as the organization gain benefits from the software.

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