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Usage-Based Statistical Testing

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Usage-based testing is actually software for client usage. In case if any flaws are detected by patrons, some information about them can be reported to software vendors and integrated fixes may be formed and delivered to all the clients to avoid such defects.

However, because of the enormous quantities of software installations software bugs correcting after release could be very costly and frequent fixes could also harm the software vendor's reputation and long-term business vivacity.

A new product's expected usage can be captured and used in product consistency and software testing could be most straightly assured.

In usage-based statistical testing the testing environs looks like the definite operational environment for the software in the field & the overall testing sequence, as represented by the systematic implementation of specific test cases in a test suite. Test cases also resemble the usage scenarios, templates of actual software usage and sequences by the target customers. Because of the huge quantity of clients and diverse usage templates cannot be captured in an execution set of test cases. This is why one uses the term "statistical" in this tactic and terms the same as "random testing."

Most apposite to the final phase of software testing is commonly known as Usage-based statistical testing and is usually referred to as acceptance testing right before product release, so that stopping testing is of equivalent value to the product release.

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