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Top Open Source Bug Tracking Tools

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Bangalore: Software bugs are not only annoying to the tester but are also expensive and have cost the testing industry millions. Although, testers work tirelessly to ensure that the software is free from bugs, some bugs manage to go unnoticed.

Although bug tracking is an important process, however testers are facing problems such as improper bug logging process, control over the test environment, choosing the right tools and others.

To ease the task of choosing the best bug tracking tool, here is a list to help you choose the right tool.

Originally developed by Mozilla under the Mozilla Public License, Bugzilla is an open source software to track bugs. It is widely use by Linux Kernel dev team, Apache dev team and other big open source projects and was compatible with various databases such as Oracle, MySQL and others. Some of the features includes: Excellent security to protect confidentiality, integrated email capabilities, comprehensive permissions system and others.

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Posted by:tektok - 17 Oct, 2017
2: Nice and Useful post... Another very use full bug tracker pls check it
Posted by:TicTrackOnline - 01 Apr, 2013
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