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Top 5 Performance Testing Tools

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Bangalore: Performance testing not only determines the effectiveness of an application but also verifies that the application meets the specifications. It is widely used to eliminate bottlenecks and foster the establishment of a baseline for any regression testing in the future. Performance tests available today, depend on a set of pre-defined, documented or on objectives that have been well agreed upon.

Vijay on identified the Top 15 Performance Testing Tools. Let us have a look at some of them.

1.    Apache JMeter
Apache Jmeter is an open source load testing tool. It is widely used for analyzing the performance of web applications and it can be integrated with the test plan. Recently, the scope of Apache JMeter has widened. It is now widely used for testing the functional performance of the systems. It requires Unix or Windows OS to work.  

2.    NeoLoad
NeoLoad is a JAVA application developed by Netosys, a French company. It is now available in two languages- French and English. NeoLoad is a load and performance tool for testing websites. NeoLoad increases the traffic to the website and thereby analyze the performance under heavy load. The tool requires Microsoft Windows, Linux or Solaris operating systems.

3.    LoadRunner
LoadRunner is a HP product and it is widely used to determine the performance of a system when there is heavy load. This HP product can create as well handle thousands of users at the same time. This tool can provide information with regards to the performance based on the infrastructure. It comprises of different tools. They are the Virtual User Generator, Load Generator and Analysis and the Controller and it is compatible with Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems.

4.    LoadUI
LoadUI is a cross platform tool and it is used for measuring the performance of web applications. It allows a tester to not only create and configure tests but also to update while an application is being tested.  The tool gets automatically updated whenever there are any changes or modifications to the application.  Its drag and drop feature provides virtual aid to the tester. Being an open source application, it is freely available.

5.    WebLOAD
Developed by Radview Software, WebLOAD is another cross platform tool which can be used for load and stress testing. It provides information regarding the functionality and the exact capacity of the web application to withstand to stress and load.  It is used especially when there’s high demand for load testing.

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