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The Need for Third - Party Testing Service is on the Rise

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Bangalore: Software failures are known to have a costly impact and to reduce the cost associated with it, software development firms are having their applications tested by third-party testers without the need to invest in costly in- house testing. Moreover with digitization being a trend in many of the business organizations, there is an increase in the demand for various software that can address both internal as well as customer facing activities, according to Karl Flinders on  

With many of the software development firms not having the required resources to have an in- house testing services, many of them turn towards third- party testing organizations. Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC) in one of their survey found that for 91 per cent of the IT departments, software testing is one of the important tasks. Further, many of the surveyed IT departments believe that it is important to outsource software testing and three fourth of the surveyed departments are already using services provided by both onshore and offshore testing organizations. Nelson Hall predicts that the testing services market will grow on an average of 9 per cent every year over the coming five years.

According to Hall, in the United Kingdom, to find onshore software testing professional is difficult. Although; there are classes in many of the universities, however; much focus is placed on executing a test rather than on quality.

As “testing is a human resource – intensive activity – in spite of all automation work, it requires people.” Thus, Hall feels that India “looks like a good alternative for performing testing work.”
According to the Chairman of the UK Testing Board Geoff Thomson, software testing is being outsourced to ensure that the software will perform the way it is expected to do so as well as to evaluate the software performance and security. “Overall, I see outsourcing of testing as a positive thing that, with the right focus and experience, can create real value for the customer and supplier.”
Contradictory to what have been said earlier, Thomson feels that outsourcing is neither the fastest nor the cheapest way to test.

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