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Testing Career: Is It Inferior?

By SiliconIndia   |     |    5 Comments
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With the lines between development and testing blurring, a test engineer is no longer considered as someone good at clicking a button on the application's user interface. The topic seems to be highly contradictory as there are lots of myths rising each day against software testing compared with software development and many experienced testers deny this accusation telling that they are the living examples who achieved a lot by choosing Software testing as their career, This post proves that software testing and testers are no way inferior.

1)Testers are jobless- Breaking first myth Looking at the global trends in the software testing field, currently the Indian software testing industry holds close to 50% of the global outsourced testing market. It requires more than 35k testers to bridge this gap which will rise up to 1,65,000 by the end of 2013. The report proves that job opportunities are ample for testers. This increase in opportunity will result in producing value product and testing solutions.

2)Testers are less important- Breaking second myth According to the agile principle of early involvement, a software tester is expected to get involved from project inception. Software testing is not just confined to application testing but covers the whole process of development and quality norms. Software testing professionals have many interesting options today to design their career path based on individual preferences. A fresher who enters the industry as a test engineer, can choose the testing line or else move towards the quality assurance line where he can become QA lead and then QA manager. It is obvious that all the companies will give importance to their product, so testers play an important role in producing a quality product.

3)Developers has challenging task- Breaking third myth Testers are the one who play an important role in ensuring that the final software application or product meets the desired quality standards. Testers must have extraordinary skill sets for their survival this includes an ability to write code, good understanding of systems and application architecture, and knowledge of databases, so they play a dual role of a developer as well.

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Reader's comments(5)
1: Very true!!! Without Testers, a product / project cant complete successfully.
Posted by:Ratna Kumar - 06 Jul, 2012
2: If Developer are parents of an application then Testers are GURU of an application as they are responsible for the quality of an application and teach the application how to behave in critical times.....
Posted by:Gaumzi - 30 May, 2012
3: Testers starts thinking from the point where developers starts and continues even they stop thinking of it.- M C Naidu, Verifone.
Posted by:M C Naidu - 31 Mar, 2012
4: Testers start thinking from the point where developers stop thinking.
Posted by:Juned - 27 Mar, 2012
5: good!..
Posted by:ramesh - 20 Mar, 2012
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