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'Testing Anywhere' Launched With New Features

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Automation Anywhere has announced the latest version of its product Testing Anywhere with novel features like additional cloud application testing and HTML5 Support. This was first launched in December 2009 and is being adopted by large system integrators and other software development teams looking for better efficiencies and quality around automated software testing.

Mihir Shukla, founder and CEO of Automation Anywhere said, “Automation Anywhere and our Testing Anywhere product line have grown rapidly because we make it easy for people in the application lifecycle including QA testers, software developers and people in non-technical roles to automate tests intelligently. 80% of our customers are already building cloud or web applications and asked us to expand into the cloud. So in this release we set the goal to make it easier to test cloud, web and HTML5 applications, which are increasingly important in mobile and online. Our mission is to build products that provide our customers intelligent, powerful and easy to use automation.”

Testing Anywhere’s intelligent technology is made for cloud. It will first detect an object’s programming language and then choose the best test automation technology for that language. This will increase the efficiency of the testing process, especially when dealing with multiple types of objects and languages. This software can work with the languages .Net, Java, WPF, HTML, Silverlight, Flash, Flex and more.

More than 80% of recorded test cases initially fail in the cloud using other testing tools, according to Automation Anywhere’s customer feedback. Testing Anywhere intends to improve that percentage and will extend support for nested inline frames and framesets. It now supports automated HTML5 testing. Although it was designed for a wide range of users, many advanced users have requested more control over their testing environments. Consequently, it introduced some power user functionality such as a free flow editor so testers could quickly type and create test cases, a multi tab editor, an advanced debugging support, and support for regular expressions in many actions. Automatic testing of PDF capabilities for applications that export or work with PDF documents is also possible.

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