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Testing: A Key to a Quality Software

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Testing software has become a critical issue as the bugs and errors are widespread and unfavorable. This has cost the United States economy $100 billion annually with the gross domestic product.  This amount is partly borne by the user, the developer and the vendor. The Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology in one of its study found out that more than a third in the costs can be reduced by improving the investigating infrastructure of software.

Many people still think that software testing is a highly technical terminology which cannot be explained. However, we would at least need to have the basic knowledge of what it does.

What is Software Testing?

We might all think that software testing is all about the detection of errors. However, it also involves
a.    Verification: - The tester would need to check if the software will behave as it has been specified by the user.
b.    Validation: - Testers would need to validate if the capability of the software is what the user actually wants.
c.    Error Detection: - Testing aims at detecting the errors and rectifying it.

Generally speaking, software testing is a method by which we can identify the accuracy, quality and security from the developed software.

Web Testing Applications and Functions

a. Performance Testing: Testers would need to check if the application can sustain heavy traffic especially when there are many users accessing the same page at the same time. They will also need to check if it can handle large amount of data from users.
b. Security Testing: To ensure that the internal page doesn’t open without log in, the tester can paste the URL directly on the browser address bar apart from ensuring that the website uses Secure Socket Layer as a security measure. Moreover, errors in login and other error messages should be registered for future references. This is most important in websites that requires vulnerable information such as credit card information.
c. Compatibility Testing: Testers would need to check if the software is compatible with any system. If not, they would need to make a note on the type of systems that support the software.

Software testing is a continued process and it doesn’t stop once you get a desired result. Even after the launch of the product, software testing companies are working tirelessly to detect and remove any bugs that can hinder the performance of the product.

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