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TestPlant Launches eggOn for Full Control Mobile App Testing

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Bangalore: TestPlant, the automated software testing company, announced the forthcoming release of eggOn, a new development in mobile app testing technology.

The eggOn application can be installed on any Android or iOS phone, including iOS 6, and provides full control of the device from eggPlant without jailbreaking. With eggOn, developers no longer need to install third-party software or deploy complicated software development kits (SDKs) to allow full testing on real devices.

eggPlant for Mobile is an automated solution for mobile application testing across all operating systems and end-user devices (including BlackBerry and Windows devices), allowing full control of real devices to run tests that other tools cannot. Requiring no special hardware, eggPlant for Mobile is the only automated mobile app testing solution that uses image recognition technology to allow it to see and interact with any device display, whether testing native or web-based mobile applications. With eggOn, this unique approach to test automation is easier than ever to use and does not require the app to be modified for testing.

"Mobile apps are increasingly important to customer satisfaction so proper performance, acceptance, and functionality testing are critical to protecting a brand's reputation," said George Mackintosh , CEO of TestPlant.

eggPlant for Mobile has been successfully introduced in several app development environments, including mobile payments companies Mobica, Monitise and Clear2Pay, and others such as and medical devices company Varian Medical Systems.

As an on-premise solution, eggPlant for Mobile ensures that devices are always available when testers need them, that devices are always in a clean known state, and allows more advanced user experience testing.

"There are a number of hosted tools for app testing available on the market today, but these are limited in terms of the range of tests that can actually be performed," said Antony Edwards , TestPlant's Chief Technology Officer. "For example, testing for connectivity interruptions, WiFi-to-3G hand-overs, location services, low battery situations and even new, unreleased devices can all be handled by eggPlant for Mobile, but hosted solutions cannot do these tests."

Mobile apps are more-and-more becoming part of wider solutions that also include desktop and server components, such as mobile banking and healthcare solutions. But most testing tools will only test one of these components. eggPlant is a horizontal application that can be extended from mobile to server and even to mainframe, going beyond pure mobile app testing to test any software that uses a GUI.

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