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Spotting Some Warning Signs Before a Project Fails

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We all know that after successfully completing the software product with high visibility and support with top brass, the product may fail. There can be many reasons for the product failure.

Product failure can happen because of lack of resources, lack of man power and many more.

Below mentioned are some of the mistakes to rectify or avoid before the project is in jeopardy:

Software product fails because of poor communication about staff changes during a "right-sizing" i.e., layoffs. Without proper communication nobody can know the progress or status of any product.

Lack of interest within the project team or among the project stakeholders is an early sign of any project failure. This can be easily demonstrated by people often by not showing up for meetings, no active participation or feedback.

The project should always move forward and the best way to do this is divide the project into small deliverables at frequent intervals. If the project is not moving forward then it’s more prone to troubles.

Even after you get very well & equally qualified replacements to the team, the flow of information & collaboration could be disturbed due to the reorganization and the changes made.

Lack of knowledge of who exactly is in charge of what, could also lead to the development of an incomplete product.

With so much of confusion comes chaos, and in the face of deadlines, people could stop talking to each other, resulting in no unity among team members.

The project may also fail because of an unclear contingency plan. While the testing group derailed and staffing is in transition, the feedback collected from internal & external user groups is unreliable or, in some cases, nonexistent.

The ultimate goal lost, the project might be deep-sixed within a week of the gold software build while power struggles within the software testing group after the layoff affect the projects energy. The project manager in the face of all this, will obviously not be able to put the proper focus on the project's value.

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