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Software Testing Trends to Watch Out for in 2013

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Bangalore: With the rise of mobile banking, testers as well as developers spent a good quantity of their time in security testing in 2012. We also saw that many of the software testers took on the role of business partners rather than bug fixers. We now wonder what would be the software testing trends in 2013. Andrea in a blog post on highlighted the various software testing trends in 2013. Take a look at some of them.

1.    Mobile Usability
Although mobile shopping is growing at a very fast pace; however, many of the companies are not ready for this trend. Mobile shopping sites displays the same things that we can find in a standard shop but the display is relatively smaller. Mobile phones have a smaller screen size and this is the biggest problem to usability.

2.    Client Side Performance
Client side performance will suffer as JavaScript becomes successful. The integration of third party apps will also be a hindrance to the success of client side performance. In 2013, there will be more focus on browser performance testing as well as server performance.

3.    Automated Cross – Browser Testing
Although browsers are expected to behave in the same way across all platforms, however, in the real world this is always not true. More emphasis will be placed on the compatibility of the browser across all platforms.

4.    Mobile Performance
It is a known fact that mobile websites are relatively slower when compared to a computer webpage. In 2013, much focus will be placed on the performance of mobile sites.

5.    Exploratory Testing
As agile software development practices are getting popular, it is high time for software testing companies to adopt a more exploratory approach. The biggest priority for many of the software testing companies is to deliver results quickly can creatively. The design and execution of the tests are performed at the same time.

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