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SmartBear Delivers HTML5 Test Automation for Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 and .NET Community

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Bangalore–SmartBear Software announced expanded test automation support for Microsoft platforms including Microsoft Visual Studio 2012, Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10. By equipping development teams with tools that are easy to try, buy and use such as TestComplete 9.1, SmartBear is removing the barriers associated with adoption of test automation. TestComplete integration with Visual Studio 2012 creates an environment for development and continuous testing of Web and desktop applications such as WPF, ASP.NET and HTML5 technologies so that companies can deliver quality software in record time.
Advanced object recognition technology in TestComplete allows .NET developers to record, edit and run tests without having to learn new programming paradigms. TestComplete provides support for VBScript, JScript, C++Script and C#Script, featuring an advanced script editor familiar to the Visual Studio users. With TestComplete 9.1, the .NET community practitioners can integrate TestComplete projects into Team Foundation Server 2012 and launch tests from within Visual Studio 2012 test projects. In addition, Web and desktop testers can create work items and post bug reports to the Team Foundation Server 2012 database directly from the TestComplete IDE.
"We are excited to welcome SmartBear to the Visual Studio Industry Partner (VSIP) program and have SmartBear’s tools support the latest Microsoft platforms and developer products," said Tom Lindeman, Director of the VSIP program at Microsoft. “SmartBear’s expertise in test automation and its robust, sophisticated solutions help streamline the creation of new Windows and web applications, providing development teams using Visual Studio 2012 a great complementary tool."
Modern web applications must function on multiple browsers and operating systems as well as devices such as tablets and smartphones. Teams developing these applications need modern testing tools to support them. SmartBear delivers robust and affordable testing tools with advanced capabilities such as HTML5 support, cross-browser test automation as well as distributed testing in virtual labs and virtual test environments. By ensuring tight integration with the .NET platform, SmartBear is bringing testing and development activities closer together so that teams are more productive and reduce waste.
 “Our goal is to provide tools that are easy to acquire and to use, are affordable and will meet the needs of development and testing teams today and in the future,"said Sergei Sokolov, Product Director for testing tools at SmartBear.

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