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Shunra Launches Network Vitualization for Mobile 8.5

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Bangalore: Shunra, the industry-recognized authority in network virtualization for software testing, announced the availability of Shunra NV for Mobile 8.5, a performance testing solution designed specifically to help organizations test, and optimize performance of their mobile apps.

“The shift to mobile and competitive advantage provided by mobile performance demands a paradigm shift in performance testing,” said Bill Varga, Shunra COO. “As monitoring solutions (APM) continue to struggle with the complexity of today’s composite applications and networks, Shunra NV for Mobile is emerging as the most reliable and accurate solution available for ensuring app performance even before an app is deployed.”

Shunra NV for Mobile bridges the gap between development and deployment by enabling testers to fully and accurately assess the behavior and impact of the network on mobile apps before they are introduced to end users. Shunra NV for Mobile captures the highly variable network conditions that are unique to the mobile app, then brings those virtualized conditions into the lab, allowing testers to immediately isolate potential network-related performance issues, and focus their optimization efforts on the fix with the greatest performance return. Typical results are 40% improvement in app performance.

New features for Shunra NV for Mobile 8.5 include:

Integration: The new web services interface allows rapid deployment within industry standard development, test, and Q/A platforms. In most testing labs, user populations are virtualized with Load Testing tools; distributed applications such as SOA and cloud based services demand a Services Virtualization product; and mobile functional testing is improved by leveraging virtualized device services in the cloud. These testing platforms cannot deliver accurate results in the absence of the network context in which the apps will be deployed. Shunra NV provides the complex network virtualization necessary to achieve relevant and accurate results.

Multi-user mobile testing: Multi-user mobile testing extends the availability of network virtualization within an environment, speeding app development and testing processes.

Global library integration: Inclusion of Shunra’s Global Library of mobile conditions from thousands of locations worldwide reduces the need for specific knowledge of existing network conditions. Users can search network profiles by mobile carrier or location, and then download those profiles to be used in mobile app tests.

Web analytics: Quickly decide if a transaction needs further deep-dive analysis with automated HTTP analysis that measures transaction response time, total throughput, packet overhead, app turns, and provides performance grades and optimization rules.

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