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Should Developers and Testers Work as a Team?

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Bangalore: Recent surveys have revealed that software error had costs United States businesses a whooping $60 billion per year. It is also seen that despite knowing the adverse effect of ‘bad’ software, many consumers and businesses are still using them as they are relatively cheap. This could pose a threat to the organization in the near future.

In the recent years, Software development companies have spent a huge amount of money on quality assurance, but the coding errors could not be eliminated.

A handful of developers dislike to be told that the software that they had nurtured from the time they conceptualize it till the time of inception doesn’t meet the requirements or is not reliable.  One common issue faced by many software developers is short time span to develop the software. Under pressure they may de-prioritize some of the minute yet critical bugs.  

Developers from time to time receive criticism from the testing team regarding various issues with the software. However, they should be taking these criticisms as constructive feedbacks. They are usually guided by the mentality of “them and us”. This should be removed and they need to acknowledge that both the development and testing teams together is building a product that ensures reliability and with high quality.

Though teamwork is important for the success of the organization, however, the testing team should be independent in its functioning. This is done to ensure that their view on the product is unbiased.

Software testing is usually done when the project development is either about to be completed or it has already been completed. Sometimes, due to the complexity of the project, more testing is required. However, due to time constraints and as part of cost cutting, testers may avoid repeated testing.

Agile Software development also contributes to software issues. In this type of software development, documentation is not required. Whenever, a defect is detected, a tester who’s involved in Agile Development would say “It’s agile, we didn’t do documentation.” It is good for developers and testers to document as this would help both teams if any problem is detected from the project.

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