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Roadway To The Future Of Software Testing With Zephyr CEO, Samir Shah

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1. Many organizations are increasingly adopting an agile methodology. According to you how integral is agile testing to the entire software development process?

You can’t deny the energy around Agile. I understand the Agile Conference is the largest general software conference; there are something like three hundred thousand certified Scrummasters today.

Right now we see two things. First, there isn’t really a lot of agreement on what Agile Software testing means, exactly. And, perhaps more importantly, organizations are struggling with the change-over. For example in our recent annual testing report “How the World Tests in 2015”, we surveyed 500+ companies and found that only seven percent of our respondents had not changed to Agile methods and were not planning to. A little less than a third had completed an Agile transition. Everyone else - about sixty-three percent - were somewhere in the middle.

That great middle ground is an area of massive compromise, and testing may be the most common place to compromise. We see that with “hardening sprints” that are really an elongated testing phase, or a separate test team that tests a sprint or two behind development. The reason people compromise is that testing is expensive, and getting testing done within a tight timebox is a challenge. We think the solution to that isn’t more compromise; it is changing the way testing is done, and, just as you said, integrating true agile testing into the whole process.

Personally, I find it disappointing to see so many organizations leaving testing until after the code is completed under the belief that it will allow developers to work faster. It is a mistake, and it certainly does not lead to an agile organization. Instead, it leaves Agile as “something programmers do”, making testing expensive and late.

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