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Roadway To The Future Of Software Testing With Zephyr CEO, Samir Shah

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A recent Intuit research survey estimated that by the year 2020 seventy-eight percent of small businesses would be conducting all business in the cloud; that is a phenomenal rise from where it currently stands, at 37 percent.

Cloud-based software eliminates the need for installs and upgrades; it means a single bug fix will roll out to all computers simultaneously. Where traditional word processing applications leave files and folders that need to be copied or emailed, web-based software means those files are available immediately, on any device, anywhere with an Internet connection.

In addition to new features, existing software companies will need to revise, repackage, or rewrite applications to work in the cloud. Even Microsoft, with its long established dominance with the MS Office suite of applications, recently converted office to run in a web browser (as Office 365) after losing market share to Google documents. Larger, traditional enterprises find new employees demand access to applications on personal devices; some startups like Uber have a mobile, cloud-based app and no traditional desktop version.

These new applications need to integrate with existing systems, social applications, and sometimes use GPS for notifications when you are near a ‘friend’ or place of business. All this complexity means challenges for testing and integration.

So we interviewed Samir Shah, CEO of Zephyr, to find out how companies can adapt to all these challenges - and what his company is doing to help.

Based in California’s Silicon Valley, Zephyr is the fastest-growing provider of real-time test management software in the world, and also one of the first in line to provide robust test management solutions in the cloud. And, last month the company launched a mobile app that lets testers execute tests from mobile devices– anywhere and anytime.

Shah strongly believes that these trends in the market will drive growth, and, hopefully, innovation, in the software testing industry. We’ve provided an excerpt from our interview wherein he explains more on what the future of software testing industry beholds for testers - and what Zephyr is doing about it.

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