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Roadmap to Quality: Knitting 'Quality' into 'Testing'

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Bangalore: In an attempt to incorporate the ‘Quality Learnings’ from various Non- IT sector into the day to day life of a Tester, a panel discussion on "Roadmap to Quality" was held on July 14. SiliconIndia organized SofTec 2012 for test professionals and leads on July 14, where the Panel discussion was the highlight of the day.

The Panel gathered the leading quality experts from different sectors like automotive, Fashion & Apparel and Component Manufacturing to find the key to build quality software through lacing the quality techniques from Non- IT sector.

The Panel brought in the cross-pollination of interesting ideas from non-software domains. Three of the four panelists were from non-software domains - Mehulkumar Pancholi, Head - Quality Assurance, Arvind Retail from Fashion & Apparel sector, Soumen De, Engineering Group Manager - Advanced Vehicle Quality, General Motors from automotive sector and Raghavendra Nagaragadde, General Manager - Manufacturing & QE, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions from component manufacturing sector.

The panel also had two quality leaders from IT sector: Murthy Navarathna, GM - Software Engineering Group & QA, Samsung India Software Operations from IT product sector and T. Ashok, Founder & CEO, STAG Software from IT Service sector who steered the panel.

Addressing on balancing the on time delivery and quality needs, Mehul said “It is very important to launch a product on time rather than to worry about its 100% quality compliance, except for the product in Healthcare, Aviation and similar products. Further he adds, “Every industry is going through the same problem of Unavailability of qualified Manpower, Attrition and Need for Continuous monitoring during the process”.

While Mehul highlighted Continuous monitoring as a critical factor in Fashion & Apparel domian, Ashok connected this to dashboards that are becoming vogue in the workplace, more in the Agile context.

Stating on the importance of early stage validation like Simulation, Behavior modelling in the Automotive industry, Soumen believes that ‘the cost of fix at the later stage is very expensive’. He also adds, “Today 40 % of the production costs, of a typical premium car, are due to electronics and software. More than 2000 functions like emission, infotainment, and safety systems are implemented in 70 ECU's with approx 10 million line of code and these systems have to harmoniously interact with each other.”

Ashok linked this to the “Shift Left”, the new term in our software industry which means - how can we move validation to earlier stage(s)?

Coming from the component manufacturing domain, Raghavendra expressed that the need of understand of understanding the final context of usage of the component as being very important to know to ensure high quality. He also stressed that the testing is deeply integrated into the “shop floor” i.e. daily work and the most important aspect of quality is not QA or QC but underlying the Quality Systems in place.  

Connecting this to the concept of “need of the hour”, the moderator brought out the fact that in software industry we have implemented systems which are still at an organizational level and hence the need of the hour in Software industry is to institutionalize these at a personal level.

Murthy highlighted the notion “Quality need varies with domains”. He said that level of quality needed is not the same in all fields, in certain sectors like mobile which has disruptive innovation and short life cycles, “we need just enough quality”. He highlighted the need to understand “technical debt” that we can tolerate as a driver for deciding “how much to test”.

The panelist were of high caliber and the thoughts shared were mind evoking which knitted the learnings of quality from different domains into that with software testing.

This event was well taken by 400+ delegates and was supported by STAG Software, Jenesys, Softsmith, Tyto Software, Amitysoft, Mentor k Academy, Indian Testing Board, GT Enterprises, Inflectra, Pluralsight and Tata Mc Graw Hill.

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