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PacketCheck to Analyze Network Performance

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Bangalore: GL Communications Inc. a leader in providing PC-based test, analysis and simulation products and consulting services to the worldwide telecommunications industry, informed the availability of its product PacketCheck, a Software Ethernet Tester.
Mr. Jagdish Vadalia Senior Manager said, “GL's PacketCheck  is a comprehensive PC based Ethernet / IP test tool with BERT and Throughput testing abilities. It is very easy to use as a general purpose network performance analysis tool for 10Mbps, 100Mbps and 1Gbps LANs and WANs. It truly takes confusion out of Ethernet testing at all protocol layers - from raw Ethernet frames to IP/UDP packets. The application makes use of PC’s network interface card (NIC) to transmit and receive Ethernet or IP packets over the network. Throughput up to 800 Mbps can be easily tested,” said GL Communications Sr. Manager, Mr. Jagdish Vadalia.
 “PacketCheck™ supports features like transmission of prerecorded file traffic, which can duplicate packet traffic as it occurred at a particular Ethernet interface. It also includes a Command Line Interface (CLI) to support all the GUI functionalities of PacketCheck™ through simple commands, allowing easy scripting and automation of the testing. Also included is a powerful Report Generation feature to view report in CSV and PDF formats. It can operate on any of the layers - Layer 1 (Physical), Layer 2 (Data Link), Layer 3 (Network), and Layer 4 (Transport) of the OSI reference model,” Mr.Vadalia further added.
Important Features:
1.    PC based Ethernet Tester which can generate/receive Ethernet or IP traffic of up to 800 Mbps bandwidth.
2.    User Defined test patterns – up to 24 bytes length
3.    Simulate real-world traffic (such as IPTV, RTP) by transmitting pre-captured GL proprietary HDL files
4.    Capability to generate various per stream Impairments – Insert/Delete Bytes, and Byte Level Impairments (AND, OR, XOR).
5.    Run time impairments generation of various impairments types like Insert/Delete Bytes, Change Bytes etc
6.    Capability to generate/respond to ARP requests, making it easy to work with Routers
7.    Jumbo frames are supported, in addition to all normal frame sizes from 64 bytes to 1518 bytes
8.    Customizable protocol headers like MAC Source/Destination address, Length/Type field, IP Source/destination address, and UDP Source/Destination Port.
9.    Full flexibility to control per stream traffic duration
10.    Monitor performance statistics – throughput, round trip delay (RTD), total packets, packet loss, out of sequence frames, error frames, correct pattern frames, pattern sync status, byte error rate, sync loss count, error count etc.
11.    Command Line Interface (CLI) allowing remote execution of commands for all functionalities through GL’s proprietary WCS (Windows Client Server) architecture.
12.    Powerful Report Generation feature to generate reports in CSV / PDF formats which include various test details like Statistics, Configuration Information, NIC card details information and others
1.    Determine the maximum IP bandwidth consumption, throughput, errors rates in a LAN / WAN
2.    Determine Round Trip Delay (RTD) between two IP address or two Ethernet MAC addresses with microsecond accuracy
3.    Testing LAN Data Switch for dropped packets, errors, overload, and so on
4.    Detection of traffic overload
5.    Testing network behavior with real world traffic like IPTV, VoIP and more
6.    Test CAT 6 / CAT 5 cables for efficiency


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