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Outdated Testing Techniques Decelerates Project Completion

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Bangalore: If you investigate why a project missed out its deadline, the reason could be anything from a sudden decrease in the staff for the particular project, to the client asking for a few changes at the last moment. When you work for a software development project there could be many things that could go wrong and that put you behind schedule. Mike Brown in his blog has put forth the results of a survey regarding the main reason for delay in delivery of the software development projects. Surprisingly more than 50% of the software professionals in UK, France and Germany blame the out-dated application development and testing methods.

Antony Savvas reports that 71 percent of UK software development heads believe deadlines cannot be met if conventional methods of software development and testing are used. When CA Technologies asked 301 in-house software development managers from UK, France and Germany, the results showed that 59 percent managers from UK, and 48 percent managers from all the three countries combined thought that quality and time to market on integration testing is biggest challenge faced by them.  While in UK 41 percent said that they struggled with performance testing; only 32 percent of the combined three nations seemed to have issues with it.

With these survey results it seems like the UK developers are facing more problems with testing compared to their counterparts in Germany and France. 56 percent of developers in UK stated that their IT department has damaged its reputation due to out-dated application development and testing methods. CA said: "UK enterprises have set the bar high.’’ One of the reasons for this could be the increasing competition among mobile phone operators, insurance companies and retail banks in UK.  

Another point to be considered is the output expected by software professionals.  According to the survey results, in UK 41 percent claimed that they were asked to achieve 10 or more releases in a year, whereas in France only 26 percent were expected to achieve the same output.

The Alternatives

To overcome this issue of outdated testing techniques, 48 percent of UK respondents are switching to cloud based development environments and 46 percent are turning to agile development methods. The limitations of conventional software testing methods are slowing down the development process and in turn compelling IT departments to produce more complex applications. The question arises do the testing methods need to be changed?

Service virtualization employs a virtual service environment in order to build and test an application. This virtual environment imitates a real production environment, and at the same time enables the developer to alter the variables to examine various possible situations. Agile testing allows software testers and developers to work in close association so that the new software is build and tested simultaneously. Thus during development of the software it will continuously be tested and analyzed at various stages.

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