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Mobile App Testing: It's Challenges

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Bangalore: In the recent years, the world witnessed an immense growth in the mobile technology space with new handsets and features being made available in the market. A recent survey by Gartner reported that, Samsung took the No.1 spot from Nokia to be the world’s top mobile handset vendor with 86.6 million unit sold and a 25.9 % increase from the last year.

Mobile application stores are filled with apps from all horizons from games to business apps to entertainment. This posed a stiff competition among the developers on who can deliver the best. In order to be a competitor in this market, there is a need to produce quality apps and in order to do so they need to test the apps for various issues.

Voke's Market Mover Array Report says an explosion of mobile testing companies is a "clear indicator of the enterprise's need to deliver quality software to a plethora of mobile devices."

Theresa Lanowitz, a co-author of the report and founder of Voke said, "What we're seeing is every organization now has to have some sort of mobile strategy, and that mobile strategy has to already fit in with what they're doing with their existing apps. There's very little tolerance for a mobile application that does not work from a functional perspective as well as from a performance perspective."

Challenges in Testing Mobile Apps

1.    Many Mobile Operating Systems
With many operating systems available in the market ranging from Android to iOS to BlackBerry, a developer finds it difficult to develop apps and tests them. Some apps are not compatible in all the platforms and each platform have their own limitations which will affect the apps functioning.

2.    Different Mobile Operators
Mobile network specifications are different from one network operator to the other. Some apps are compatible only with a 2G network and some are compatible with a 3G network while other apps may be dependent only on a wifi network. It becomes difficult for developers to develop apps that are compatible with different network operators.

3.    Countless Mobile Handsets
The number of handsets available in the market today is a big challenge for developers to develop apps that are compatible with the handsets. Before they can start working on an app, developers would need to keep in mind the targeted handsets. Testing every devices is not possible, therefore, the variety of handsets pose as the biggest challenge to developers.

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