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Microsoft Details Its Efficient Browser Performance Testing

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Since its birth Google chrome is famous for its meticulous performance till today and famous for speedy operations and Microsoft is desperately looking forward to hold the first place from the search giant as one engineering objective for Internet Explorer is to be the world's fastest browser.  Yes, this news is about Microsoft’s exclusive testing lab which is working on IE's improvisation.

Testing IE
The lab is impressive large and cold one piled up with row upon row of desktops and virtualizing servers. The four important stages for testing are IE loading content, synthetic platform benchmarks, IE's behavior as an application and interactive Web apps are.
Before running a test  It is confirmed that the system is not performing any "idle tasks" or housekeeping work like disk defragmentation or prefetching, therefore  every time when IE does something it has to notify the test software which runs over 20,000 tests daily in areas of all four stages which is further divided in to 30 sub steps. Totally 850 metrics followed to look at the performance in this lab.
But the main drawback in the lab is that no comparison is made with the other browsers and IE performance wise and the team has promised to come up with the results done comparing with the other browser very soon.

Purpose of IE testing Lab
The objective of constructing this lab is to deliver the advanced version of IE, to give outstanding performance to make the customer experience the latest technology with IE comparing to all the other browsers said Matt Kotsenas and Rob Mauceri from IE team.
“We follow a set of algorithm to improve the performance of IE”, starting from CPU usage till power consumptions said Mauceri.

Overview of the IE Performance Lab
IE performance Lab works with over 140 machines in an isolated atmosphere, it doesn’t hold any sort off interactions with the outside world internet and inclusive of MS’s intranet.
The lab is facilitated with myriad hardware combinations merging different processors, OS versions, configurable through a remote automation system which none of the other browser has. Also It is furnished with its own ‘mini internet’ which has some key pieces of real Internet, including web servers, DNS servers, routers, and network emulators, it also simulates different customer connectivity scenarios and each and every activity in this lab is measured with 100 nanoseconds.
The performance of IE is reviewed with the least count of 20 times daily collecting over 5.7 million measurements and 480GB of runtime data each day.

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