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Major Needs in Cloud Testing

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Bangalore: In last week’s article on cloud testing, we highlighted some of the major issues and challenges in Cloud testing. In this article, we will discuss on some of the major needs in cloud testing as mentioned by Jerry Gao, Xiaoying Bai and Wei- Tek Tsai in a white paper titled “Cloud Testing – Issues, Challenges, Needs and Practice” published in Software Engineering: An International Journal. Take a look at some of the needs.

1.    Adequate test models and criteria
Test engineers should be provided with adequate test models and criteria that effectively support cloud testing. The test models and criteria should be in the following areas:

a.    Scalability models for SaaS and Cloud - based Applications- To validate and measure system’s scalability and performance, test engineers should be provided with well defined adaptive test models and evaluation metrics which address scalable computing resources and others.

b.   Adequate integration models and criteria - Adequate test models and criteria which addresses Cloud-based connectivity protocols and APIs crossing clouds, SaaS (or application) APIs and interactions to legacy systems outside clouds and End-to-end application integration crossing clouds are needed.

2.  Innovative test methods and solutions
The ever changing requirements and features of cloud applications bring in demands for newer test methods and solutions. Here are some of the demands.

a.    Continuous validation and regression testing solutions
Whenever software has been changed due to bug fixing or for feature update, test engineers should be provided with automatic re- testing techniques which address the multi – tenancy feature of cloud.

b.    New automatic test solutions for cloud interoperability
Test engineers should assure the interoperability quality of the cloud applications as both cloud and SaaS offers connectivity protocols and APIs.
c.    Innovative test technologies for cloud compatibility testing

To access services using diverse client platforms, technologies and browsers, the cloud applications and SaaS should support the global online users. Therefore, in order to find out the applications’ compatibility across various platforms, browsers and technologies, vendors have to come up with new and effective technologies.

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