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Know Why Software Testing is Being Outsourced?

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Bangalore: Software testing is a cumbersome process. Testers need to test every aspect of the software to ensure a reliable product. Any software that has been designed and developed needs to be tested before it is made available in the market.  To reduce the cost involved in testing, software companies are opting for third party testing firms.

Forrester in one of its survey on IT leaders in 2008 reported that only 16% of organizations outsourced their software testing services while 17% were looking to outsource to a third party in 2009. Although 29% will be outsourcing testing services to third parties, 39% are against it. However, the same survey reported that the outsourced growth rate was at 50% or higher in some cases.  

The global testing market was at $8.4 billion in 2011 and it was predicted to grow by an average of 9% every year over the next five years according to analyst Nelson Hall.

Software testing is transforming itself into an important discipline which needs focus. A dedicated testing organization can provide all the attention and focus it needed.  "Cost savings are a major driver and also the need to do testing in a more professional manner. Testing has become more professionalized and now requires significant investment in terms of tools, people recruitment and automation. Finding onshore testing professionals is difficult: there are very few testing classes in universities and when there are, they are about quality, rather than on test execution,” said Dominique Raviart, analyst at Nelson Hall.

Nelson Hall expects an 8% growth for Indian-offshore testing services while onshore testing services will see a decline by 5%. “Testing is a human resource intensive activity: in spite of all automation work, it requires people. And India therefore looks like good alternative for performing testing work,” adds Raviart.

“Overall I see outsourcing of testing as a positive thing that with the right focus and experience can create real value for the customer and supplier. In simple terms a true partnership rather than customer/supplier,” said Geoff Thomson, Chairman, UK Testing Board and Consultancy Director, Experimentus.

However, he also warns that outsourcing is not the only way to reduce testing cost and deliver quicker results.  "In a lot of instances the failures are still due to a belief that outsourcing will reduce costs - in some instances I have seen increases in the actual resources needed to deliver the outsourced service, some as high as a 10 fold increase. In some companies I have seen the recreation of the company test team to retest everything that comes back from the outsourcer, in one company the number of internal testers now is larger than it was before testing was outsourced. How can that be good?"

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1: "Testers need to test every aspect of the software to ensure a reliable product." This is a false statement, it's impossible to test every aspect of the software. Instead testers need to focus on areas of the software that have the greatest risk and can be completed in the time given.
Posted by:Chris K - 10 Aug, 2012
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