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Key User Scenarios for "Efficiently Testing" Intricate Software

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User scenario testing is the most effective method of user testing and is widely recognized as a proven method for validating software quality before releasing it to the customers. This testing is done in order to make sure that the software is functioning really well or all the business processes in a right flow.

The major challenges faced by the companies when striving to conduct meaningful scenario-based testing are:

* Identifying the right business process flows
* Which scenarios have to be tested?
* How testers can do so in a cost-effective way

This task can be difficult when tester dealing with complex software applications as one will not know the number of potential user flows based on the various possible combinations and environmental factors.

The best solution would be join the end users and understand the requirements and subsequently, try to figure out the actual or critical scenarios which have to be performed on the software by the end user. In this way it helps in increasing the test efficiency, overall test coverage and also helps in maximizing the test Return on Investment (ROI).

Below are some of the step-by-step processes which are interactive and provides a hand on information of using our own application in the modeling process:

* To identify the key scenarios one has to understand the overall methodologies and the framework associated with it
* One has to have knowledge to evade the subjective drawbacks while identifying the scenarios
* Methodologies has to be practiced on a sample application


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