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Key Steps to Improve the Quality of your Software

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Bangalore: Software bugs are an incorrect piece of code and they have been aptly named as they are a tiny mistake in the code having the potential to fail the entire software program. If a program does not perform as expected, the first thing that testers do is to check if there are bugs.

Checking and fixing bugs early in the development cycle is not only easy but it also saves time. However, delaying the process of bug fixing can cause a lot of problems as the old bugs will mask the new ones and will lead to the incorporation of more bugs. This will in turn increase the effort to fix the bugs at a later stage.

Thomas Wailgum on highlighted some steps to improve software quality according to a Forrester Report:

1. Define Quality to Match Your Needs
By defining quality, the testing team can fulfill the business requirements as well as a rewarding user experience. This is possible because the development team is given certain expectations that fit the given deadline and budget.

2. Broadcast Simple Quality Metrics
With highly visible metrics, quality is the highest priority and thus reducing the defects. This step is applicable to the entire development team.

3. Fine-Tune Team/Individual Goals to Include Quality
By fine tuning the goals to include quality, the team not only meets the business requirements, but also reduces the number of defects which ensures a good user experience.

4. Get the Requirements Right
By getting the requirements right will result in less rework and this will in turn reduce the overall testing effort. This step is applicable to managers, UX designers and others.

5. Automating the Testing tools
By automating the testing tools, testing teams as well as the development teams can focus on tests with the highest priority. This step is not only application to software testers but also to software developers as well.

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1: Nice Steps of ensuring the quality of your software @siliconindia.
Thanks For News.
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