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Important Tips to Optimize Agile Testing

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Bangalore: Software testing companies are slowly adopting agile methodologies as a response to the growing complexity of software development. This methodology ensures that the time taken for testing is reduced and the product is ready to be launched at the end of testing at each stage. Errors are detected and removed early. It allows changes that are requested by the end user to be made to the software in the development phase. This will ensure customer satisfaction.

Here are few tips for testers to optimize the testing process in agile methodologies.

1.    Integrate Testers Into the Development Teams
Integrating the testing team into the development team in a ratio of 1:3 would help developers polish their skills in testing their software.

2.    Early Testing
Testing for any projects must be done as early as possible. The project plan should include the various tests such as unit tests, functional tests, load and stress tests. This would help the early detection and rectification of errors which could otherwise stall the whole project.

3.    Unit Testing is a Must
Using unit testing, testers will be able to ensure that the codes that they used for developing the software will perform what they have been designed to perform. It is the foundational step of the testing process.

4.    Regular Load Tests
Testers need to check if the application can withstand the heavy traffic when there are many users accessing it. Regular load tests will help the tester identify the various problems that can hinder the performance of the application.

5.    Automated Testing is At The Heart of Agility
Without automated testing, no projects can be termed agile. Automated testing focuses on the automated verification which enables agile development.

6.    Flexibility
In agile methodology, the system can be updated and re-structured without any changes to its functions.

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