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How to Make Software Testing Easy

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Bangalore: Software testing is a vital section in the software development life cycle (SDLC) and it keeps a check on the quality of the software that is being developed. The increasing business demands on the development teams to deliver the software in a specified time without compromising on quality has given birth to a new and comprehensive approach to testing known as Development Testing. This new approach is helping organizations worldwide to overcome the challenges of software testing as well as bringing in a huge number of benefits.

Development testing can detect and fix defects such as memory corruption, insecure handling of data and others. Further, traditional QA approaches cannot detect defects like Inter-procedural defects.

Take a look at some tips provided by Chris Adlard on to help organizations implement Development Testing.

1.    Integrate Testing into Development
Testing in the traditional approaches ensures that the software functions as expected and it is done only towards the end of the development cycle or after the software has been developed. Fixing the defects after the software has been developed will slow down the development process and as the time to market pressure increases the defects may go undetected or unresolved. Thus, there is a need to integrate testing into every phase of the SDLC.

2.    Automate Test Execution
Identifying defects and bugs early in the Software Development Lifecycle will reduce the cost involved, the time and the risks of errors apart from making automation of test execution easier. Developers can be automatically notified of the problems related to their codes when they return to work the next day. This will allow them to solve the issue at the earliest.

3.    Developers should learn from their mistakes
Testers who are involved in Development Testing can get a clear and concise explanation regarding the defect such as the location and the severity of the defect. Thus, this in the long run will help developers improve their coding practices.

4.    Measure time spent on Testing against Quality Improvements achieved
Verifying the defect history and the resolution status at all the branches of the project and across various projects will help in determining the productivity and the quality improvements of a developer.

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