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How Does Testing Happen in an Agile Environment?

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Bangalore: As a response to the growing complexity of software development, agile methodology was developed with an aim to adapt to the changes quickly and smoothly. Using this model, the product is ready to be launched at the end of testing at each stage. This will ensure that the errors are detected and removed in the development phase. This method allows changes to be made as per the requirements of the end user at any point of time. Thereby, ensuring customer satisfaction.

James Lyndsay in his white paper in explained the process of testing on Agile Projects.

There are many agile methodologies used in testing, however, they are not unique and original. The effectiveness of a methodology does not depend on individual elements but depends on a combination of elements that are combined into a framework.

Automated testing is at the heart of agility

Automated testing is fundamental in agile testing and without them; the project cannot be called agile. Thus, the popular tests on an agile platform are automated. This type of testing focuses on automated verification to enable agile software development.

Comprehensive testing, but not by testers: Coders and not testers write for Automated Unit Tests. In Test Driven Development, once the test is written, they are executed so as they fail as a control. Then they are executed once again after coding to demonstrate that the previously failing tests now passes. Though slow, it generates accurate results.

Refactoring: With an aim to improve system flexibility, the system is re-structured without any changes to its functions. These changes should not be visible to testers, just to confirm that the system works as before.

Continuous Integration: Codes are being built regularly either hourly or daily. It continuously implements quality control processes to ensure quality software. This in turn saves the delivery time of software as opposed to traditional testing where testing is done when the product is developed.

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