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How Checklists can Foster Better Testing

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Bangalore: The method of software testing that makes use of a checklist is beneficial but at the same time has several shortcomings as well. This article intends to take a close look at several benefits of employing this technique, as discussed on Mindfire Solutions.

A checklist archives the reusable test cases. Using a checklist to find defects is considered to be a very systematic mode of testing. Like any other mode, this too has many adherents but at the same time its drawbacks lead to organizations staying away from this form of testing. The good thing about checklists is the fact that testers can decide where to direct their efforts. They provide a general framework for quality software, which helps in saving on both time and energy. Meeting tough deadlines and lack of necessary resources could overburden testers. Hurrying to finish the software testing in time, could result in missing some vital checks. While checklists are helpful throughout the entire cycle of testing, they are particularly invaluable in high- pressure situations when time is short.

 Checklists serve a very crucial benefit from the developer perspective too as they could reduce the number of errors in code. If developers are also aware of the checklist and its contents, the entire team could save on time. Having a checklist means that newer employees can commence working halfway through the testing process.  This could allow for an extremely flexible testing team.

Testers could use checklists as reminders. Crucial tests that tend to be forgotten could also be entered into the checklist. Quite often all the novel techniques employed in a specific round of testing will be limited to a particular project or a specific tester.

If efforts are taken to build this checklist over a period of time by including the regular inputs from testers, they could be a source of typical tests that need to be conducted. So, there is a need to ensure that good, workable checklists are produced. In the long term, these checklists could go a long way in ensuring a continuous focus on putting the customers’ needs first.

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