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Game Testing to Ensure Quality and User Friendly Games

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Bangalore: With games gaining popularity not only among the youth but also with the older generation, there is also a need to ensure that the software meets the quality standards to ensure a pleasant feeling to the gamer. Testers would need to verify the game environment and behavior to ensure that it meets the requirements of the user. provided some of the purposes for game testing. They are:

1.    Game Functionality
Testers would need to verify the correctness of the game element such as the textures, the environment, and messages. Example, testers would need to check if a sword would cause damage just like in real world or a message is displayed at the right time.

2.    Game Compliance
Some like to play the game on a computer while others like to play it on the television set. Testers would need to ensure that the game can be played on any hardware devices without having a problem loading it.

3.    Game Localization
With many of the role-playing games and story based games coming from Japan, there could be an inconsistency in the script/sub titles. Localization testers will have an interface where all the game scripts and sub-titles are listed and ensure it is adaptable to the local environment, rules and regulations.

4.    Game Soaking
Most of the gamers like to play games for a very long time. However, some of the games hang when they are being played over and over again. To ensure that the game can withstand heavy stress, testers will run the game for a long period of execution. also listed some game testing components:

•    Menus, sub menus, and its functions
•    Graphics, texture, and animation
•    Character audio, sound effects, and special effect
•    Game difficulty level
•    World, dungeons, and map settings
•    Player, action, and inanimate attributes
•    Artificial intelligence for the defense and offense mode
•    Game flow, logic, and sequencing  
•    Life points, magic points, and player points
•    Game pad vibration, analog stick, and other hardware issues

The above tips and considerations, focuses mainly on the graphic of the games. Testers will check if the events in the game resemble events in real world situation. Example: Testers would need to make the collision between two objects, or even a blast look realistic.

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