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Do We Really Need Software Testing?

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“If we would only develop software with care, we wouldn't need testing at all.; This statement has made people to think about testing. Testing is a major component of software development, and is a major science in itself, it determines the quality of a product and it is accepted that no developer creates an error free code, however developers can stay cautious to stay away from errors. So do we really need software testing?

Testing is something inevitable in software industry, it is an important process for delivering a bug free product. Therefore below are some of the points which details the importance of testing.
1) Software testing is needed to verify and validate that the software that has been built meets certain specifications like client's requirements for a project, or generic requirements for a shrink-wrapped product.
2) The desired result of testing is a level of confidence in the software so that the organization is confident that the software has an acceptable defect rate. What constitutes an acceptable defect rate depends on the nature of the software.
3) Testing enhances the integrity of a system by detecting deviations in design and errors in the system. It also aims to detect error-prone areas.
4) No matter how good the developer is he will not know how his product works in the real world. All that a tester has to do is to use all possible ways to find the bugs caused by the developer.
5) Testing adds value to the product by confirming the user requirements, also full fills performance and quality.
6)Some of common things that necessitate the need for a testing plan are said below •Over commitment by the developer. • Inadequate requirement gathering. • Poor understanding of all the complexities of the system. • Lack of proper communication between the client and developer.

Testers should work along with the developers to have a better understanding about the product. Humans tend to make mistakes therefore be it a tester or a developer, they can never create a product without an error. Hence working together can make a worthy product. In fact the above reasons emphasize the importance of software testing.

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