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Common Challenges Faced by Testers

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Bangalore: Complete Testing can never truly be achieved. Testing must always be done on a sampling basis. Choosing test data requires good proficiency in test data selection methods and skill on the part of the testers. There are many issues that testers have to deal with. We list a few here:

1. Subject awareness: A major challenge in the domain of testing in general is the lack of skilled testers. Software testing can only achieve its intended purpose when testers are aware of their customer’s business. In order to understand this, one must have good knowledge of Customer’s business domain.  Poor domain knowledge of testers can end up in ineffective Test Scenarios, test scripts and post implementation defects.

2. Time:  Time has always been a limiting factor for Software testers and is challenging especially when it comes to execution of Regression tests.  During testing phase, testers are asked to perform multiple rounds of Regression tests and the time taken for these regression test cases could range from 100s to 1000s depending on the size of the application.  The best way to finish within the deadline and manage several rounds of regression testing is by automating regression tests that are not subject to direct change as part of the current release.

3. Test Estimation: There are many established Test Estimation methods.  Deriving accurate test estimates is a vital factor for successful Software Testing Phase.  Good Test Estimates will include an estimate time for all the activities performed during Software Test Life Cycle irrespective of the size of the task.

4. Test Data setup: Test Data setup will be more difficult when data setup deals with mainframe or multiple applications or databases. Test Data creation for Load or performance testing would involve writing scripts or SQL Procedures.

5. Test Automation: Scripting is not the challenging part of test automation, but instead it is reducing effort required for test script maintenance.

6. Setting up Test environment: In most of the bigger organizations, Test environment setup is done by Operations / Technical support team.  However in smaller or midsized companies, Test environment setup could seem extremely difficult.  Environment setup is one the tasks that necessitates knowledge of various software and testers find it most challenging.

7. Unavailability of the best Tools:  Project budget availability and funding affects availability of right tools.  Usage of right tools can aid testers in cutting short the time required to perform their tasks.

8. Team at different locations:  If Business Analysts and development teams are located in locations other than the time zone of testing team, the testers might have to extend their working hours to get clarifications or attend meetings.  Difference in time zone could result in longer wait time and general delays.

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